Does Working Out Increase Testosterone Levels?

by admin on February 27, 2015

Ready for the answer? It is YES, if you are working out correctly. Though if you train incorrectly, testosterone increases will be minimal or your testosterone will actually decrease. There are a number of factors that determine how much and which hormones are released. Let us discuss training rules to follow for optimal testosterone spikes.

Rule 1- Say No To Cardio, Yes To Strength Training- Minimal amounts of cardio are beneficial but too much cardio very quickly lowers testosterone while raising  the stress hormone cortisol. Testosterone has an intimate relationship with your muscle tissue and as a result, stressing your muscle tissues with heavy resistance training sends the signal to your body that you need higher testosterone levels to function in your environment. For “cardio” training, I would say that simply walking often will give you the greatest health benefits. Do not exhaust yourself daily on the treadmill. 

Rule 2- Work Multiple Muscle Groups With Each Exercise-  The more muscle tissue that is worked per lift, the higher the testosterone response. For example, weighted barbell squats will result in greater testosterone release than doing hamstring curls, then quad extensions and finally calf raises. Essentially, the benefits of stressing the entire body while squatting is greater than the sum of all its parts. This is why you will often hear that compound exercises are the most beneficial. Bench press being more beneficial than chest flies, deadlifts being more beneficial than shrugs and overhead presses being more anabolic that front shoulder raises.

Rule 3- Work Out With High Intensity- Choose a weight that you cannot lift more than 10 reps with. The ideal for spiking testosterone seems to be working with a weight that you can only manage 5-10 reps with. However, if you stop at 10 reps when you could have pushed out 8 more reps, benefits will be minimal. This is perhaps the most common training mistake that I see. You should be fighting for your life on that last rep!

Rule 4- Minimize Rest Time Between Sets- A few studies have shown that shorter rest period between sets results in a higher testosterone spike than resting for a longer period between sets. One study showed than 1 minute rest resulted in slightly higher testosterone levels than a 3 minute rest between sets. I have also heard experienced fitness training instructors describing even more benefit with just 30 seconds rest between sets. I recommend between 30 seconds and 90 seconds for optimal results.

Rule 5- Keep Time Under Tension Between 40-70 Seconds- This is less dependent upon how many repetitions you are doing. Essentially, time under tension (TUT) is how long your set lasts, or how long your muscles are fighting the weight. Have someone time your sets to adjust your TUT for peak testosterone. If you are looking for muscular hypertrophy (growth), aim for closer to 70 seconds TUT.

Rule 6- Proper Total Training Load- If your workout is not long enough or even if it is too long, your testosterone release will decrease. Basically, if you do not workout long enough, it will bot be enough stress. Too much lifting and you are looking at over training and stress hormone release. Studies have shown that after 45-60 minutes of high intensity lifting, testosterone release declines. This tells us that we should be efficient when we train and get as many sets in as possible within about a 45 minute lifting session. No talking or goofing around in the gym, you know who you are.


Does Working Out Increase Testosterone Levels?

You bet, especially if you do it right. Keep these rules in mind, especially if testosterone is your biggest concern.


-Lift Bro, don’t jog

-Work compound lifts

-Keep your intensity high bro

-Keep your rest time below 90 seconds

-40-70 second sets

-Keep your weights sessions around 45 minutes

-Bonus tip- Consume at least 30 grams of protein after lifting, it will optimize testosterone spike and will fuel muscle recovery, bro.


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Whether you are a type 1, type 2 diabetic or just looking to stay younger longer, naturally lowering your blood sugar is a vital skill. Fortunately it is also an easy thing to accomplish once you learn a few simple tricks! Remember, now, that we are specifically trying to lower blood glucose. Here in lies the method to our first natural trick.

When you eat carbohydrates, they are not in the form of simple glucose yet. Even simple sugars are composed of glucose and fructose bound together. These carbohydrates cannot enter the bloodstream until they are broken down into single glucose or fructose molecules. So the first method to prevent blood sugar spikes is to interrupt the digestive process of breaking sugars and starches down into glucose.

Natural Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Gymnema Sylvestre

How do we do this? Well the stomach creates a digestive enzyme called glucosidase. Glucosidase is responsible for breaking your dietary carbs down for quick absorption. If we can inhibit or stop this enzyme breakdown, we can digest all of our nutrients except for the sugars. Inhibiting glucosidase is an extremely powerful  technique for keeping blood sugar low, even when consuming delicious amounts of carbohydrate.

It is actually very easy and simple to inhibit glucosidase. There is a plant called gymnema sylvestre that, when consumed, inhibits the glucosidase enzyme in the digestive system. Gymnema has been used to keep diabetics healthy for thousands of years before we had injectable insulin. The best way to take gymnema is via capsules, 20 minutes before you eat carbs and then right when you eat carbs as well. This ensures that glucosidase is inhibited before and long after carb consumption. The awesome thing about gymnema is that it does not only prevent glucose absorption, it also contains powerful antioxidants that protect all the cells of your body against the toxic effects of high blood sugar.

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So, with our plant ally gymnema, we put up a wall against the carbs to keep them out of our body. Still, the carbohydrates will partially and slowly make there way into your bloodstream. This is when you attack the blood sugar with reinforcements! The most effective way to lower blood sugar at this point is using insulin. However I advize you to keep your insulin levels as low as possible. Insulin is an inflammatory hormone and we need to keep it low if we want to live a long healthy life. So instead of letting your pancreas squirt insulin at it, or even injecting insulin, we will once again use medicinal botanicals.

natural ways to lower blood sugar levels

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is a gourd related to cucumbers. The Chinese have used the bitter melon for thousands of years to naturally lower blood sugar. Bitter melon works in a different way than gymnema. It contains a compound called Plant P Insulin. This is basically plant insulin and has a blood sugar lowering, insulin mimicking effect when consumed. The great thing is that it is a plant nutrient that is not inflammatory or harmful in the body like human insulin is in larger amounts.

With bitter melon, we want to consume it via capsules with our carb meals. The plant p insulin will be absorbed with the carbohydrates you eat and will immediately begin to shuttle them into your cells to be metabolized. This is extremely effective at keeping blood sugar levels low, naturally.

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If you inject insulin, be very careful when incorporating these natural methods. Work with your doctor to lower your insulin dosage! You do not want to go into a hypoglycemic coma!

In Summary

The natural ways are the most trusted and time tested methods for tending to the body. These herbs will contribute to health and longevity if used consistently. First, block sugar absorption with gymnema. Second, whatever sugar makes it through into the bloodstream, blast it with the bitter melon. It won’t stand a chance!

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