Surthrival 6 Hour Colostrum

Surthrival 6 Hour Colostrum Review

There are quite a few bovine colostrum products in the supplement market right now, and Surthrival colostrum is one that I have personally taken into my daily routine.  It can sometimes be difficult to cut through all the info and recognize the differences between the various products.  But I have become familiar with a few of the colostrum supplement products on the market and can lend some insight into some of the differences in quality.

What is colostrum?

Consuming colostrum is THE way that all mammalian mothers pass their immunity onto their children.  Fortunately, adult humans have been found to receive numerous benefits as well as calves.  Bovine colostrum is the “immune-milk” that is produced by cows after they have given birth.  This process works the same way in humans, as well.  If you were fortunate enough to have been breast-fed as a baby, you built up your immune system this way.  Bovine colostrum is collected from cows after the newborn calves have taken their share (calves would die quickly without colostrum).   Colostrum has been available for purchase ever since farmers have raised cows.  But it has only been relatively recently, that dehydrated and powdered colostrum has become commonly available.  In this respect, Surthrival has led the industry with regard to high-quality processing of this amazing food.  More about this later.
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Colostrum is nature’s most complete food

Colostrum can be called nature’s most complete food- containing all essential fats, all essential amino acids, and all essential glyco-nutrients. Colostrum also contains numerous antibodies and immune transfer factors. In fact, bovine colostrum contains antibodies to combat every pathogen that the mother cow has ever come into contact with.  It also has major anti-aging effects – the IGF-1 superfamily.  It has metabolic factors such as lectin, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  If you were to pick just one food with which to survive the zombie apocalypse, colostrum would be a super choice.  Further, because of its complete nutritional profile, colostrum may be the only whole food on which a person could solely survive upon.

More effective than the flu vaccine!

Check out this PubMed study that has shown consuming bovine colostrum is three times more effective against the flu than taking the flu vaccine.  There is no better way to defend against the winter plagues than consuming colostrum.  Especially with the controversies surrounding the chemicals that are put into flu vaccines – and the studies that are starting to show that the flu vaccine may not even be very effective at all.

Immune-modulating benefits

For diabetics, (particularly type 1 diabetes) and all individuals suffering from auto immune disorders such as asthma, IBS, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and more will all benefit from a great aspect of colostrum is its immune-modulating characteristics.   An auto-immune disorder is where the immune system, for whatever reason, has ramped-up and decided to attack the beta cells of the pancreas in the case of type 1 diabetics, joints for rheumatoid sufferers etc.  Colostrum can absolutely help modulate your immune system down, if you suffer from an auto-immune scenario.  This is due to the peptides in the colostrum that have this amazing effect.  It will help restore your immune system to balance.  My brother has been consuming colostrum ever since he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I absolutely believe that it has helped to bring his body and immune system into balance.  It has not “cured” him of type 1, but he now does not have to inject insulin unless he consumes more carbs than he should.  It re-educates your immune system and body.

For those suffering from a weak, struggling or malnourished immune system (think hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, colds, flu, infections of any kind and even food poisoning) colostrum has all the fire power you need to arm your immune system. An analogy would be a person suffering from infectious disease. This person has a weakened immune system that can be likened to the military of a small third world country. Bring colostrum into the body and you are bringing in the latest and greatest modern tanks, infantry and smart bombs to ward off foreign invaders.
There is not a single system in the body that colostrum does not have an effect on.  Even if you have problems with dairy, you will in all likelihood, be able to tolerate a high-quality colostrum, because it contains almost no lactose. – Colostrum is actually produced in the blood and is technically a “pre-milk”.  In fact, colostrum can even begin to rebuild your digestive system with its growth factors and bring you on your way to eliminating food allergies.


Surthrival – TRUE 6-hr colostrum, totally raw, all organicFresh Surthrival Colostrum Kilo

Surthrival colostrum is independently, third-party verified to be TRUE 6-hour bovine colostrum.  It is the real deal.  Why is this important? Most other colostrum products have been found to be mostly transitional milk. Transitional milk is colostrum that has been diluted due to the production of milk in the nursing cow that begins 6 hours after birth.  Additionally, Surthrival colostrum is never de-fatted like other colostrum products.  Surthrival’s low temperature processing (Yes Surthrival colostrum is raw!) method is careful to preserve those important immune factors and delicate nourishing fats all the way to the end product.  Surthrival is the only company that is currently processing a totally RAW colostrum product.  Additionally, Surthrival’s colostrum is only derived from organically-raised cows.

How does Surthrival’s colostrum mix into foods and drinks?

Unlike other colostrum products, because Surthrival’s colostrum is carefully dehydrated raw, in its whole food state to preserve all the fats, it can sometimes be challenging to get the colostrum to simply stir into food and drink (water, yogurt, pudding etc.). Though this is a minor inconvenience, it does not bother me at all to have little bits of colostrum powder in the food I hand stir it into. If you want to completely mix it into a recipe, a blender does an amazing job at smoothly homogenizing the colostrum right in. This isa what make Surthrival colostrum such a great smoothie addition.  Here is another tip – use a bit of organic sunflower lecithin.  This is a fantastic way to help emulsify the fats in the colostrum with the other ingredients in your shake.  That is, your smoothie will be smoother, and be less apt to separate.  And, let us not forget, lecithin is an amazing food in itself – it provides choline (an essential nutrient).

The problem of lactose intolerance

If you are lactose intolerant, and are concerned about a possible reaction, then it is advisable to take a digestive aid until the benefits of colostrum reach fruition.  Many people have reported no lactose issues after beginning their colostrum regimen.  It is also very important for the lactose intolerant to consume 100% colostrum, NOT transitional milk.  And it is particularly important for all consumers to make sure that their colostrum of choice is pure, and not colostrum-whey or a concentrate of milk-whey.  Anything other than 100% colostrum may not give you the full benefits, and may even be detrimental, as in the case of lactose intolerant individuals.

Casein allergy?

I myself am quite allergic to the casein in milk and had a concern about consuming colostrum. While colostrum does contain some casein (less than 1%), the casein is structured differently and will not cause allergies. In fact the colostrum is perhaps the best thing for healing allergies.

Since all food allergies are manifested by a TH2 cytokine cascade (our immune cells attack and cause allergy symptoms). The Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) in colostrum immediately balance the TH2 cytokine production, preventing allergic response in the body. This is one thing that makes colostrum the best immune super-food. Even with my severe dairy allergy (causes me very runny stools), my digestion only improves with colostrum consumption.

The best investment in your health

Surthrival’s colostrum is our go-to “immune-milk” because it is TRUE 6-hr colostrum (it’s not diluted with “transitional milk”).  Secondly, it is milked from organically-raised cows.  And thirdly, the gentle processing and dehydration ensures that the precious fats remain intact all the way to the final product.  They have definitely taken the extra effort to ensure the best possible colostrum available.  If you decide to choose Surthrival, it is available in capsules, 6.5 oz powder, kilo tubs, and now, 2-kilo bags for heavy users!  


Natural Homemade Organic Skin Beauty Remedies - Recipes – Tips

First – On the Risks and Negatives of Mainstream Products

My experience by far has been that the skin beauty methods that are available to us at home and in our gardens are vastly more effective than anything you can purchase. The typical beauty product is loaded with cancer promoting petroleum derived chemicals and xenoestrogenic fragrances and UV blockers. These chemical soups may change the appearance of your skin temporarily. The corporation may even promise younger looking skin over long term use, but how can this be truly healthy for the skin if the chemical ingredients, by their nature, damage skin cells? It also must be remembered that any ingredient with a molecular weight of under 500 will make it into your bloodstream. My research has shown me that about 60% of what you rub on your skin, safe or not, makes it into your body. Make-up and beauty product companies do zero research on this. Would you eat half of that chemical based “skin serum”? Me neither.

History of Natural Skin Beauty Care

Before all of these expensive chemical products became the standard for skin care, people had been using natural organic substances for thousands of years to nourish the skin and keep it young. In fact, the mainstream chemical baths are new and out of the norm when you look at our human history. People have long been able to beautify their skin for free by using what is already in their homes, in their bodies (more on this later), in their gardens and what is growing in the wild. All this with better results than you can get off of any Walmart shelf.

What will be covered are materials already at hand to most every one that will address nourishing the skin with organic nutrients to feed, strengthen and hydrate the skin. Materials that are highly effective at reducing or removing redness and even dermatitis, psoriasis and drug/chemical induced rash through powerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine actions. And multiple natural materials that actually work better than anything you can buy over the counter to stimulate the growth of skin cells, promising young skin for many years with consistent application. Feel free to scan through any of these topics below to read about what you are after.

Be Nice to Your Skin

One of the most common skin mistakes is scrubbing multiple times daily with soaps and cleansers. Stripping the natural oil from your skin is a sure way to age it rapidly. As soon as I stopped soaping my face, my skin improved dramatically. If you must cleanse,  look into using pure coconut oil as a cleanser. This is how the Romans cleansed their skin (olive oil) and it will not damage the skin like soaps and scrubs do.

Aloe Vera

You can buy an aloe vera cactus from many different stores and place it outside or in a window. They are extremely easy to care for and will grow fast enough for you to apply it to your skin daily. If you have never applied fresh aloe vera gel to your skin, you are in for a treat. It shrinks pores, plumps, hydrates and smoothes out your skin so amazingly. I literally have to stare at my face in the mirror every time I use it. If you want your skin to look like a babies bottom, aloe vera is where it is at. How does it work?

Aloe vera contains dozens of compounds that improve skin health. Perhaps the most promising compound is called allantoin. Allantoin literally stimulates skin cells to regenerate and multiply at a higher rate. This is why, even though aloe provides great immediate skin  beauty, long term use is where it really shines. Years of aloe/allantoin application could even have your skin looking younger than years before. Aloe is also high in sulphur which is vital for healthy and beautiful skin. To apply pull a leaf off from the base, cut off a little piece from the bottom and squeeze the gel out to apply to your face. Put the rest of the leaf in the refrigerator and take another piece out every day for application.


I know, I know. Stick with me here. Remember that horse urine is already in the vast majority of skin care products on the shelf. Yes, if you have bought skin products, you have been rubbing horse pee on your face. Horse urine is added for its urea content. Urea dissolves the intercellular matrix of the cells of the stratum corneum to de-scale the skin. In simple terms, urea hydrates and softens dry scaly skin. You do not need horse piss though, it is better fresh in your own urine.

Remember the compound allantoin from aloe vera?  That is right, urine contains allantoin as well. Daily topical application of urine will increase skin cell replication, a true youthing tonic. Additionally, urine contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids which all penetrate right into the skin. As silly as it may sound, urine is the perfect food for the skin. The perfect recipe is premixed, coming right out of us! Many cultures have practiced urine therapy for thousands of years. The easiest way to apply urine daily is to pee on a washcloth in the shower and rub it across your skin before you turn the water on. Let the urine soak in for a minimum of 30 seconds before washing off. Just like aloe, you will be amazed at the smooth glow in your skin. I apply my urine pre shower quite often and it makes my skin glow smoother than even the aloe vera! A combination of the two is unbeatable. One more thing on urine, this a little tip that even the gurus of pee will not tell you. The content of skin regenerating allantoin in urine increases after exercise, this works perfectly because we often shower after a workout. This is the best time to apple urine for its skin regenerating effects.
Eliminate Redness, Throw Out the Steroids, Feed and Nourish Skin with

Avena Sativa – Oatmeal

Most everyone has oats somewhere in their home. Oats have been used topically for skin beauty and to eliminate redness/rashes for thousands of years. Oatmeal has multiple constituents that make it very effective on skin. For its anti-inflammatory redness reducing effects, we can thank the compounds in oats called avenanthramides. Avenanthramides have been studied topically to inhibit the marker of inflammation called nuclear factor kappaB and the release of proinflammatory cytokines and histamine. It is through this action that oats shutdown skin redness.

Oats, if used as a mask regularly, will also promote collagen production as they are one of the highest containing silica foods. Such high levels of organic silica is rare. Silica is vital to the production of connective tissue (skin/collagen), nails, hair and bone growth. There is no better way to get the silica into you skin than a topical application.

Feed Your Skin From Within

The above topics are the best things I have found to give the skin a baby smooth glowing appearance immediately. For long term care, diet is the most important factor in maintaining young beautiful skin. I have several dietary additions that I use daily to cultivate my collagen production. With skin, collagen is the name of the game. The more collagen, the thicker, plumper, less wrinkled and more hydrated the skin is. Collagen production in the body is supported by a number of nutrients. I will list the most important ones first.


  • Gelatin is essentially protein extracted from beef or pork skin. It is as basic as it gets in terms of raw building blocks for the skin. Gelatin is what gives jello its jiggly structure. The top amino acids in gelatin called glycine, hydroxyproline and proline are the amino acids that make up collagen. When consumed in gelatin, they concentrate into your collagen via collagen synthesis. Basically gelatin stimulates collagen synthesis. Gelatin has extremely powerful skin benefits along with joint and bone regenerating effects. To learn more about gelatin, what kind is best and how to consume it, check out this article.
  • Vitamin C is required for collagen (skin) synthesis. Vitamin C combines with glycine and proline in the synthesis of collagen. Without vitamin C there is no skin growth. In fact, when human connective tissue cells are exposed to vitamin C, there is an 800% increase in collagen synthesis with no effect on other proteins. Vitamin C further supports young skin via its antioxidant activities which neutralize oxidative stress. Oxidative stress breaks down collagen structure, vitamin C stands in the way of this aging process. I recommend whole food sources as they are much more bioactive than pure synthetic ascorbic acid. Some of the world’s highest sources of vitamin C are camu camu berry, acerola cherry and rose hips to name a few. These can all be purchased as supplements. Juicing tons of vegetables daily would satisfy your natural vitamin C intake as well as provide a slew of skin supporting nutrients. Remember that if you do not consume raw food, you are not getting enough vitamin C as it is the most unstable vitamin. Cooking, light and oxygen exposure destroy vitamin C. If not supplementing, aim for 3X the daily recommended value.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids comprise a large amount of the cellular membrane of every skin cell. It is vital for a properly functioning cell membrane which is responsible for keeping toxins out of skin cells and pulling vital nutrients into the cell. Additionally, a deficiency always means increased inflammation and will result in red, dry scaly skin prone to breakouts. High quality omega 3 will hydrate and soothe the skin from within. Consume clean sourced oily cold water fish such as wild salmon or sardines for a dietary source.
  • Vitamin A plus carotenoids play a major role within the skin. True vitamin A, or retinol, is required for maintenance and repair of the skin. Additionally and importantly, retinol increases the cell turnover rate in skin. Simply, it causes skin cells to shed and regenerate faster for healthier younger skin. Carotenoids such as beta carotene, astaxanthin and lycopene are fat soluble antioxidants which, when consumed through diet, concentrate themselves within the skin. Think of the red skin of an apple, filled with antioxidants. Our bodies actually absorb carotenoids and deposit them into our skin for UV and environmental protection in the exact same manner as plants. In fact increasing dietary carotenoids has long been known to deepen the orange and yellow hues of the skin. This carotenoid pigmentation of the skin has actually been studied to appear more attractive to people than a natural tan. Astaxanthin is my favorite carotenoid and is the most powerful. It concentrates itself into the skin and what makes it a champion is that it makes it into the brain and eyes unlike the other carotenoids. Astaxanthin when consumed gives the skin a radiant glow and is so powerful that it acts as an internal sunscreen. I have written an article focused on this one nutrient here. Natural sources of retinal are rare, though grass-fed butter contains a decent amount and beef liver provides well over 100% daily value in one serving. Consume a plate of liver and onions once per week which is enough as retinol is fat soluble and stored in the body. For carotenoids, just consume as many vegetables and herbs as possible to get all kinds of carotenoids. Egg yolk is another good source of carotenoids

Other important nutrients are zinc, which aids in wound healing and regulates the skin oil production. Biotin improves the skins moisture. Vitamin E, vitamin B-5 and selenium all play major roles as skin antioxidants.


If you want the most beautiful skin possible, your skin will need nourished from all angles. Abstaining from soaping and stripping oils is always step one. There are a number of immediate applications that will make your skin soft and smooth as a babies bottom. The most powerful of these being urine (get over it) and aloe vera. Red, inflamed skin can be cooled and soothed with oats and consistent dietary fish oils. Internally, gelatin consumption is your best bet for a lifetime of plump, full, hydrated and wrinkle free skin. A well balanced diet rich in herbs and plant matter as well as concentrated sources of fat soluble vitamins from beef liver and egg yolks will provide the rest of the life force for skin that will have you the fairest of them all. Be beautiful and be wild friends.


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