Surthrival Pine Pollen Tincture/Powder – Product Review Of Benefits

by admin on July 29, 2014

As a competing martial artist and naturalist, I am always looking for a natural edge over my competition. Years ago when I discovered that pine pollen actually contains bioidentical testosterone, I had to check it out. I have been through a number of pine pollen products. Being very particular with my quality requirements, just one company, Surthrival, has been able to meet every standard I hold for a supplement.

What Exactly is Pine Pollen?

surthrival pine-pollen tincture powder reviewPine pollen is a fine powder composed of trillions of individual cells. Each cell carries and protects every bit of genetic information that the male pine tree contained. Each pine pollen cell can be compared to a single sperm cell. Because the pine tree places so much valuable life force (DNA/RNA) into each cell, the tree also puts huge amounts of antioxidants, hormones and micronutrients to insure the health of each cell. When you collect billions of pollen cells together as a powder or into an alcohol solution/tincture, you have one of natures most powerful and concentrated food/medicines.

As mentioned, the hormone content of pine pollen is through the roof. Many of these hormones are bioidentical to human hormones. Testosterone is one of these bioidentical hormones. In fact, pine pollen contains more testosterone than any other plant every studied. The ancient Chinese, through generations, learned of pine pollens hormonal power and revered it as a medicine thousands of years ago as they do today. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s view of pine pollens vitality and youth bringing effects has now spread across the world. People across the globe consume pine pollen to naturally and healthfully increase testosterone levels.

Why Surthrival Pine Pollen is Above the Rest in Quality

The big difference is that the creator of Surthrival, Daniel Vitalis, created this product for himself. He only puts the highest quality medicines in his body and could not find a pine pollen product on the market of high enough quality. What Daniel Vitalis could not find and thus what he created, was a wild harvested, cracked cell wall pollen in a tincture solution of organic alcohol. With that quality product, the packaging had to be top of the line. Indeed, the tincture bottle is miron glass, a glass impenetrable by UV light. This is vastly important especially with a top shelf quality product. Just ambient room light degrades natural compounds 1,000 times faster than a UV protected herbal compound. It is low quality natural supplements that often give the industry a bad name as we can see so clearly when we finally find a quality product fit for royalty.

Increasing Testosterone/Androgens With Pine Pollen

The benefit of increasing testosterone with pine pollen is that it will not harm the testicles or the body in any way as steroid users are prone to. In fact, pine pollen is an excellent food to nourish the testicles. The reason pine pollen will not harm the body’s own hormone production is that it is a whole food. It not only provides the hormones that we can use, it provides the hormone cofactors and nutrients to properly and healthfully utilize those nutrients This is because, if we had not consumed the pine pollen, it would have gone on to use those hormones in fertilizing pine cones. To utilize its hormones while fertilizing the pine cones, it would have to use these same hormone cofactors and nutrients to do so.

One very important thing to note for those looking to use pine pollen to increase testosterone. It must be consumed as a tincture for this effect, if it is eaten as a powder, most of the hormones will be digested. In tincture form, the alcohol carries the testosterone and other androgens directly into the bloodstream where the anabolic and libido increasing effects begin. In spite of this, consuming pine pollen powder is brings with it vast health benefits. More on that in the next paragraph.

Increase Master Antioxidants Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase

Due to the unique antioxidant profile and amino acid building blocks contained in pine pollen powder, it is one of the rare food/medicines that increases both glutathione and superoxide dismutase in the human body. Glutathione is the peptide the the human body creates to detoxify itself of any toxin, making it the most powerful detoxifier to the human body. Studies have shown that increased glutathione has the power to neutralize the harmful effect of cigarette smoking. Think of how it can protect the body of a non smoker. Forget about fad detoxes, increase the method used by the body for millions of years to promote longevity with pine pollen.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) can be thought of as the sister of glutathione. Where glutathione protects by escorting any harmful toxin out of the body, SOD stays in our tissues and acts as the most potent antioxidant defender in the body. Oxidation, like rusting iron, can slowly break the body down. SOD acts as a cellular shield, think of a nice paint job on the iron that keeps the environment from rusting it. So when glutathione gets behind on its cleaning, SOD is there to protect every cell from the rusting that would otherwise occur as a result of the toxins. SOD will also protect the cells from things like radiation and UV overexposure in the sun. Increase these to master key protectors with pine pollen and call it a day!

One Possible Concern With Pine Pollen Tincture

There is one possible drawback that I do not want to leave out. It only applies to those looking to use the tincture. These users are often using the tincture to naturally raise testosterone and other sex hormones. In order for these hormones to be delivered into the blood, the alcohol tincture must be squirted into the mouth and held there for at least 90 seconds while the pine pollen compounds pass through the mucous membranes into the bloodstream. The drawback here is that holding alcohol in the mouth burns a bit for the first 10-20 seconds or so. I want potential users to know this though it is not so bad at all and I am completely used to it. Remember that this is a downside that cannot be avoided with any brand of pine pollen tincture. For hormonal delivery, alcohol must be present and this cannot be avoided.


Quality is certainly king when we are looking for an effective herbal compound and with Surthrival, quality does not come higher. For those looking for one of natures most powerful foods, hormone supports and longevity tonics, putting pine pollen powder into foods is the way to go. For those looking to increase testosterone and sex hormones, as well as the additional benefits of consuming the powder, get on the tincture!


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