Colostrum Smoothie Alchemy

by admin on April 2, 2014

How to make a colostrum smoothie

Mix up a little colostrum alchemy, and the result is a delicious anabolic drink.


Fresh Surthrival Colostrum

Pine pollen
Herbal tea (cinnamon, nutmeg, mulberry leaf, hawthorne berry)
Ginger powder
Acerola cherry powder (for vitamin C)
Organic raw egg yolk (alt: sunflower lecithin)
Birch tree xylitol
Coconut oil
Himalayan sea salt
Magnesium citrate, potassium citrate, zinc gluconate

The acerola cherry powder, cinnamon, hawthorne berry, ginger powder can all be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.  We purchase our minerals from

Colostrum, the thymus gland, and immunity

Did you know that colostrum helps to rebuild the thymus gland? This becomes incredibly important after the teenage years, because the thymus tends to lose shrink in size after that age.  Yes, this is depressing – it gradually shrinks into old age. The primary function of the thymus is to develop the immune system by producing T-lymphocytes. These T-cells are white blood cells that protect against bacteria and viruses that have invaded our body cells. T-cells also protect the body by controlling cancer cells. Obviously, this is of major importance to our health! What a sadness it is to learn that it starts shrinking after we reach adolescence. But, what a blessing colostrum is! This amazing whole food can actually help to rebuild the all-important thymus gland.  (It has also been shown to rebuild heart muscle, lung tissue and cartilage as well – but we will talk about that in another article.)   When we are born the thymus is roughly the size of a fist.  By the time we are 50, the thymus gland in most of us is roughly the size of a pea.  Is it any wonder that pneumonia is such a common cause of death for the elderly?  The thymus is so tiny at that age that it is barely able to produce any T-cells.  COLOSTRUM CAN HELP TO REGENERATE THE THYMUS.  And in effect, it rebuilds your IMMUNE SYSTEM…

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