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by admin on May 15, 2014


To qualify as one of the most powerful anti-aging herbs known, the herb must be an adaptogen, or an herb that balances every organ system in the body, making the body resilient to all stresses.  An adaptogen must be non-toxic at high doses, consumable as a daily food, yet powerful as any medicine.  Schizandra, one of the most revered adaptogens, is such a mighty herb for further reasons though.  The ancient Chinese called Schizandra “Wu Wei Zi”, literally meaning “5 flavor berry”.  It is the only herb known to contain all 5 flavors.  Since every distinct flavor (sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter) is caused by organic chemicals that are medicinal to different major organ systems, we begin to understand that the Schizandra Berry is THE ONE herb you should take if you you only could take one. Because of its complex biochemistry, schizandra berry benefits every major organ system in the body. This defines the single most powerful longevity tonic.  This is why Schizandra Berry has been used as a daily health tonic since at least 2,000 B.C. and is usually used as a Schizandra tea or Schizandra wine.  Let us quickly look at some of the most powerful and alluring effects consuming the Schizandra Berry will bring you.


The schizandra berry is the one and only herb that completely detoxifies your liver in the 2 stages required to actually remove toxic chemicals from your body. Other nutrients and herbs will optimize just one of the stages of detox, leaving the toxins in your body. It is not until both stages occur that a chemical will actually exit through the urine or feces.
Stage 1: Oxidation, Reduction and Hydrolysis
Simply put, in stage 1, the liver converts toxic substances into less toxic substances so that they can be removed from the body via stage 2 detox. Schizandra activates and optimizes phase 1 by inducing or stimulating the production of the P450 enzyme in the liver. This enzyme is the workhorse of phase 1 detox.

Stage 2: Conjugation
This stage is where the liver adds another substance to the toxin after phase 1. This added substance makes the toxin water soluble so it can be excreted through the urine and/or feces. Schizandra increases glutathione in the body which is the most powerful substance that the body can use to attach and remove toxins.

Schizandra extract is available in two sizes from the Surthrival store.


The schizandra berry has been most well known for its beautifying effects for all 4,000+ years of its use by people. Starting in the skin, schizandra berries bright red pigments work to protect the membrane of every cell, making them appear vibrant and young. Further, schizandra has powerful anti inflammatory effects that sooth the skin and reduce redness.

Perhaps the most powerful beautifying effect lies in its detoxifying power. The reason for this is, when the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, as is so common in our modern world, the excess chemicals have to come out through the skin. As the lymph system carries the toxins out through the pores, the skin is damaged and aged via direct exposure to these harmful chemicals.  So, when schizandra detoxes your body and makes your liver unbeatable, your skin never again has to act as a mesh for toxins and thus remains pristine, young and vibrant.



One study of schizandra showed improved ability to perform concentration-intensive tasks. Another study of telegraphists showed


Surthrival schizandra

that a modest dose of schizandra decreased tiredness and increased correctness of telegraph transmission by 22 percent! Imagine being correct one quarter more often than you already are! Just how it functions in this way is very complex. Indeed schizandra is well known for increasing energy in athletes and is also well known to be used by Buddhist monks for its calming effect to enhance their long daily meditation. As an elite adaptogenic herb, schizandra berries dual acting effects can seem confusing if you do not understand the intelligence of adaptogens.

It seems impossible to many only because they feel that the only herbs that will bring energy are the caffeine containing plants. In truth, schizandra optimizes the function of the energy systems of the body while eliminating anxiety via enhancing the GABA pathways of the brain. The end result of being calm, focused and energized will benefit people of all walks.

Schizandra increases brain dopamine levels and inhibits acetylcholinesterase which preserves the all important memory and attention neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. One study showed that schizandra improved energy production in the brain after cerebral ischemia, or oxygen starvation. This lets us know that schizandra is simply able to elevate brain function through its highly beneficial organic chemistry.



Because schizandra benefits every major organ system of the body, it is no surprise that it greatly enhances athletic performance. Multiple studies have shown that it increases physical working capacity. Multiple doses of either whole berry or extracts was studied to improve stamina and recovery time post exercise. Multiple studies conducted on race horses have shown dramatically enhanced performance and decreased recovery time. Much of these benefits are to to the adaptogen fine tuning your metabolism and enhancing the capacity of the cardiovascular system.



Schizandra is one of the more scientifically studied and proven herbal medicines. Multiple studies have shown that it increases physical and mental capacity and provides a stress-protective effects against a wide variety of harmful factors including heat shock, skin burn, cold stress, frostbite, immobilisation, swimming under a load with decreased atmospheric air pressure, aseptic inflammation, irradiation and heavy metal intoxication.

Studies have definitively shown schizandra to increase endurance and accuracy of movement and mental performance and working capacity. Like I said, it makes you into your own superhero.  I have heard it said by a number of experts that if you could only consume one herb, schizandra, with its 5 flavors healing every organ system, is the number 1. I have to agree with that diagnosis.




Deep red color of Surthrival schizandra extract

When you are looking for a schizandra product, always make sure to purchase the brightest pinkish-red colored extract. I have experimented with many schizandra products and pretty much all of them were a dark purple brown dull color indicating lost potency and freshness. The only A+ extract I have ever found can be found at Surthrival – and is grown here in North America. The quality of this is unmatched by far. It is a 6:1 cold extraction. That is right, this extract is still RAW. It is beyond organically farmed and the final extracted powder is perhaps the brightest most beautiful pigment I have ever seen. The effective dosage is only ½ teaspoon but it is a tonic so you can consume as much as you want.

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Penny July 18, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Looks fabulous!
I have some dried berries that I bought almost a year ago,tried eating them and found them too potent. (hence they got to the back of my cupboard unused)Any suggestions on what I can do with them?You have inspired me to give them another go. Could I grind them up and add them to water as you did ?
Many thanks!


admin August 8, 2014 at 12:17 am

Hey Penny if you have ever made a nut milk you can do the exact same process with the berries. Blend 1-3 tablespoons of berries on high in a few cups of water and a half a lemons juice and strain the fiber out. Sweeten to taste with stevia and/or natural sweeteners.

I am a little more hardcore when I have whole dried berries on hand an just coffee grind them to powder, throw it in my mouth and wash it down with a drink. This way absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Glad you enjoyed the read


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