Schizandra Berry: What Is The Best Dosage?

by admin on April 1, 2015

schizandra berry dosage

Schizandra Berries On The Vine

Schizandra berry is one of the most important anti-aging, detoxifying and beauty herbal medicines that has come out of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese called it wǔ wèi zi, literally meaning “five flavor berry”. Schizandra is the only food known to contain all 5 basic flavors. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, constituents responsible for each of the five flavors combine to heal every major organ system of the body. This is why master herbalists around the world say, “If you could only take one herb, it is schizandra.” This article will focus on the ideal dosage to be consumed with schizandra powder, extracts, teas and tinctures.

Whole Schizandra Berry Powder Dosage

Though taking the whole powder is not the most convenient way, this is how I consume schizandra. This is the best way to get everything out of schizandra including its water soluble constituents, fat soluble constituents and its beneficial fiber content. The best way to consume schiandra powder is buying organic whole dried berries and using a coffee grinder to powder about a weeks worth of berries at a time. This ensures freshness and potency of your powder.

Studies of schizandra berries as an adaptogen have used dosages of 1.5-6 grams of whole berries. This would vary from 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of whole berries.  This would provide 20-60 mg of schizandra lignins which are the active components.

Personally, I grind up my berries and take about 1.5 tbsp of powder every day. This is a pretty strong dosage, I don’t mess around. 🙂

Schizandra Extract Powder Dosage (Capsules / Powdered Extract)

Each extract has its own potency. You will have to read the label to determine the best dosage. I have heard of people using anything from 100 mg extract twice per day to 2 grams of extract per day. I would make sure to get at least 5 mg of schisandrin per day, so if your extract is standardized to 10% shisandrin you would want to ingest at least 50 mg per day. You could safely consume upwards of 60 mg of schisandrin per day which would be closer to 600 mg of a 10% extract.

Schizandra Tea Dosage

When making a schizandra tea, use about 1 tablespoon of whole schizandra berries per cup of water. A good recipe is to use 3 cups of water in a tea kettle. Add 3 tablespoons of berries into the water and bring up to a boil. Turn the heat down and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Strain the berries out and refrigerate what you don’t drink right away. Feel free to add more or less berries.

Schizandra Tincture Dosage

Look at the label of your tincture. It probably says 4:1 on it somewhere. This means that 4 parts alcohol was used to extract 1 part schizandra berries. This is the common strength of market tinctures, which isn’t very strong. At this potency, I would recommend taking 30 drops of tincture at least twice per day. If your tincture is a more powerful 1:1 extract, 30 drops taken once or twice per day is a good dosage, though you could safely triple this dosage.

Schizandra Dosage Tip

Hopefully these dosages give your a reference point at where to start. My tip is to closely pay attention to how you feel an hour after your dosage. Take a small dosage and see how you feel. Take a large dose and pay attention to your body. Not only will you eventually be able to determine your own ideal dosage, you will grow to know your own body better which is a key aspect of herbalism.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine prescription is to take the schizandra berry 100 days in a row. At the 100th day you should feel much better and your skin, hair and nails should be much improved.

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How do you grind up your Schizandra berries? I am unsure if I should use a motor and pestle or a coffee grinder. I would appreciate it if you could help un- stump me!


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