REISHI: Discover Its True Power And Why Most Reishi Mushroom Extracts Are LOW QUALITY

by admin on August 2, 2013

Reishi Mushroom Extract

What is Reishi?


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In ancient China, the Emperor was the only man in the country allowed to consume the extremely rare Reishi mushroom, botanically known as Ganoderma Lucidum. This highly valued medicinal mushroom was known to lengthen life when consumed as a daily tonic tea. This medicinal mushroom is known now by modern science as having one of the most broad and powerful spectrums of life extending organic chemistry. Perhaps the key to this mushrooms health bringing qualities is its completely non-toxic, or tonic effects. The Reishi mushroom is as safe as any food consumed in any quantities without negative side effects. The Chinese determined, thousands of years ago, that Reishi is an adaptogenic herb. This means that when consumed daily, Reishi will bring every organ system in the body back into balance, unlocking your true longevity. Now we understand why the ancient culture that has consumed the Reishi mushroom heavily for thousands of years called it “The Mushroom of Immortality”. One of the benefits of consuming an adaptogen is that it is immune modulating. This means that Reishi mushroom will balance the organs and immune system to raise the activity of a depressed immune system (cancer, AIDS, infections, cold, flu, hepatitis, radiation, etc.) OR to lower the activity of an over active immune system (ALL AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDERS).

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Reishi

As earlier mentioned, when the matrix of nutrients contained in Reishi is examined by modern chemists and physicians, it is often described as the single most broad and powerful medicinal stores of life found in nature. To get a better idea of just what it is in this mushroom that so effectively builds health in the human body, let’s break down some of Reishis components that have been discovered and studied.

-POLYSACCHARIDES- These are actually super complex long chains of glyconutrients that have been studied as having anti-tumor, immune modulating and blood pressure lowering effects. These polysaccharides are so complex that they actually have a bitter taste. So what do they do when brought into the human body to work so well on the immune system? It has been discovered that these polysaccharides are actually THE PRIMARY FUEL SOURCE for the daily construction of your immune cells! When you do not have a dietary source of polysaccharides in your diet, your immune system is literally malnourished on a chronic level. Reishi just happens to be of the highest sources of these immune building nutrients. Take note that polysaccharides are strictly water soluble (we will address this soon).

-TRITERPENES- The triterpenes in Reishi are called ganoderic acids. These are the compounds found in Reishi that have astounded scientists the most. Ganoderic acid have been found through thousands of studies, to possess most of Reishis immune modulating, or adaptogenic effects that we mentioned above. This is the raising of a low and stressed immune system AND the lowering of a high immune system that has been stimulated into auto-immunity. Amazingly these ganoderic acids have the ability to halt allergies in the body by inhibiting the release of histamine! Ganoderic acids are also studied to increase oxygen utilization in the human body by every cell. There is also a marked improvement in liver function and liver protection when humans are exposed to ganoderic acids. I cannot stress enough how important these liver benefits are to the human body. The liver is the largest glandular organ and is known as the master protector of the human body as a healthy liver maintains homeostasis, or balance in the human system. Interesting note – Ganoderic acids are remarkably similar to the steroid hormones produced in our own bodies. Take note that Triterpenoids are strictly lipid soluble. (Soon )

-GERMANIUM- Reishi has been found as one of the few herbs to concentrate and bioaccumulate the element know as germanium. Geranium has the ability to help in the prevention of cancer and AIDS. It boosts the immune system, increases oxygen utilization and protects us against radiation.

-COUMARIN- The coumarin found in Reishi actually suppresses appetite and is therefore a valid tool for weight loss. Coumarin is also noted as being a powerful anti HIV and anti cancer compound. It is also analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory, these combined effects make Reishi a valid option for easing chronic pain. Another studied benefit of coumarin is its anti-hypertensive and anti-arrhythmia effects, making Reishi an excellent daily tonic to keep your heart free of degenerative disease! This compound has also shown promising benefits in preserving bone density and staving off osteoporosis. Coumarin has been used in the medical community to treat asthma and lymphedema.

-GLYCANS AND PROTEOGLYCANS- These compounds have a hypoglycemic, or blood sugar lowering effect which makes Reishi that much more valuable as a health tonic. It is well known that blood sugar and insulin surges contribute to all degenerative diseases.

-MANNITOL- Reishi contains a sugar alcohol named mannitol which produces a large number of benefits to human health. It reduces intracranial pressure and is often used after trauma to the head, used every day as a tonic in the form of Reishi and it may save your brain from accidents! Mannitol is also used to treat kidney failure and would have renal protective effects taken daily as Reishi. In veterinary medicine, mannitol is the treatment of choice for glaucoma as it directly reduces a high intra-ocular pressure. There have also been some studies done on treating Parkinson’s disease in mice with mannitol.

-ANTI-THROMBOTIC COMPOUNDS OR PLATELET AGRIGATION INHIBITORS- Adenosin and guanosin are the two primary anti-thrombotic compounds found in Reishi. This will prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots and calm your artery walls to allow them to clean and heal their calcifications and blockages.

This list of medicinal and tonifying compounds is just a shallow view into the true organic super matrix that we call Reishi. There are literally hundreds of health building and balancing compounds yet to be discovered in “The Mushroom of Immortality”.



It has been studied and shown time and time again that low quality mushrooms grown in this mass fashion are MUCH LOWER in these medicinal compounds listed above. Again, most products start with these low quality mushrooms. The most potent Reishi mushrooms are grown on the logs that Reishi is found consuming in nature, or simply wild harvested Reishi, which is the most nutritious. This quality of product can be found in the link at the bottom of this post, where I get my Reishi.


reishi-mushroom-extractThe Reishi mushroom is a very woody mushroom and cannot actually be consumed whole! It must be EXTRACTED- but how? Earlier I mentioned that some of the health bringing compounds in Reishi are water soluble while others are not. How can we expect to receive all of these health benefits from a simple water extraction!? Keep in mind, the vast majority of Reishi extracts sold are simple water extracts, only providing a small window of Reishi’s true immortal powers. We must be consuming a Reishi extract that includes both the water soluble fraction AND the lipid soluble fraction. Reishi extracted in spring water AND extracted with organic alcohol is what we are looking for to get both of these fractions. The spring water extraction is combined with the organic alcohol extraction to provide us with the FULL SPECTRUM of Reishis true nutritive power. A Reishi extract created with this all inclusive strategy provides what is called a DUAL EXTRACTION, the frontier, be all end all, extraction method of effective herbalism. In my extensive research, the highest quality organic AND wild harvested Reishi extracted in organic alcohol and spring water can be purchased at Surthrival.   Its no surprise that the good folks at Surthrival have ensured that their extract meets all the above criteria.



Reishi Extract

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