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Immune Tree 6 Hour Colostrum Review

immune tree colostrum

Immune Tree Colostrum6


Though there are several colostrum supplements on the market right now, the number of high quality colostrum supplements are extremely limited. Colostrum is one of those supplements that you must be extremely picky about. That is the reason I am writing this review, because I am EXTREMELY picky about my supplements. Colostrum is my number 1 supplement, give me any colostrum supplement and I will tell you what is wrong with it as well as why it is good. Read on and I’ll share my insights on Immune Tree Colostrum, which I have used extensively.

First, What Is Colostrum?

Often called “first milk”, colostrum is the first meal that all mammals consume from their mother. While milk is created in the mammary glands, colostrum is first made in the bloodstream of the mother. While milk is purely a nutritive food, colostrum is made to 1.) format the babies immune system and 2.) generate healthy tissue growth.

1.) Format Immune System- Colostrum has the ability to literally transfer the mother’s immune system into the baby. Colostrum contains antibodies for every single pathogen every encountered by the mother. Colostrum downloads the antibodies into the babies immune system using immune transfer factors. To determine the immune potency of colostrum, you will want to see the total percentage of immunoglobulins in the product.

2.) Generate/Regenerate Tissues- Colostrum is the most regenerative whole food that nature creates. Loaded with growth factors, the main role is to generate a healthy gut lining in the baby to prevent food allergies and to allow proper nutrient digestion. This enables the baby to fully nourish itself by absorbing nutrients while eliminating food born toxins through the digestive system. Though the original role of the growth factors is digestive health, colostrum contains a whole slew of growth factors that survive digestion to regenerate muscle tissue, bone tissue, nerves (brain), skin and vital organs. The highest quality colostrum supplements should contain 87 different growth factors, each responsible for generating a certain tissue of the mammalian body.

If these effects of colostrum sound profound, well they are. In fact if a calf does not get colostrum from its mother at birth, it will die of immune deficiency. So bovine colostrum performs this magic when fed to baby cows, but what about adult humans? Adult humans with there powerful digestive systems, in theory, should simply digest and break down the immune and growth factors with digestive enzymes and render them useless. In studies though, the immunoglobulins and growth factors survive even adult human digestion. Why? Well bovine colostrum contains trypsin inhibitors, which temporarily shut down the enzyme that would break down the immune and growth factors, allowing adults to fully reap the immune and regenerative benefits. This is part of what makes colostrum the most intelligent food on Earth.

Aside from its immune transferring and tissue regenerating effects, colostrum is also an unparalleled nutritive. Colostrum contains every essential amino acid, every essential fatty acid and finally every essential glyconutrient (carbohydrate). If you did not know, there are many different essential sugars that, in trace amounts, optimize immune system function. This makes colostrum the one food that you would choose to bring with you to a deserted island.

3 Times More Effective Than The Flu Vaccine!

As mentioned before, the immune transfer factors in colostrum have profound effects on the immune system, Colostrum literally lends you the immune system of the mother that produced the colostrum. If you immune system was not strong enough, how about your immune system plus a mother cows immune system working together?

This results in a strengthened immunity that is closer to untouchable. In fact, a famous PubMed study demonstrated that colostrum supplementation is 3 times more effective at preventing the flu virus than the flu vaccine itself!

Colostrum And Its “Intelligent” Immune Modulating Benefits

Colostrum can be put into an extremely rare class of medicines called “adaptogens”. Adaptogens are dual acting in their effect. With colostrum, the dual action is applied to the immune system. What this means is that if your immune system is running to high, for example, you have an autoimmune disorder such as asthma, IBS, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or type 1 diabetes, among others, colostrum will down regulate the sector of your immune system that is attacking your own tissue. Thus alleviating the autoimmune disorder. I can attest to this as I have rid myself of a severe dairy allergy after 2 years of colostrum supplementation.

On the other hand, if you have an immune deficiency problem such as chronic stress, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, colds, flues, infections of any kind and even food poisoning, colostrum will bolster and strengthen your immunity, more so than any other supplement I have ever studied. This is certainly apparent with the PubMed flu study mentioned before.

If you have a weak immune system, compare it to a third world countries military, which has some fire power, but is hugely inefficient and has many gaps in its defense. Through colostrum supplementation, your immune system will be reinforced by the drones, tanks, “smart” bombs and intelligence of the American military. (Not saying that I support these destructive weapons.)

Why “6 Hour” Colostrum Is A Requirement

The mother cow only produces colostrum for 6 hours after the birth of her calf. After this, colostrum gives way to the milk that we all know. As I had mentioned above, there are quality issues with most colostrum supplements. The first quality issue is that most colostrum supplement companies will milk the “colostrum” up to days after birth. This ensures that you are buying a “colostrum” that is watered down with milk. The immune factor and growth factor levels will be low and you will essentially be buying expensive milk powder.

Is Immune Tree Colostrum “6 Hour”?

Immune tree colostrum is in fact, certified “6 hour” harvested. They make sure to never harvest more than 6 hours after birth. At the same time the farmers make sure that the calf gets more than its own share of 6 hour colostrum. I give Immune Tree an A+ in quality and ethics here as everyone, cow and human, gets the very best.

Grass-Fed Colostrum Is Best

Many colostrum companies sell colostrum from factory cows that have not seen a green pasture or the sun. When buying colostrum, you are basically buying the immune system of the cows that were milked. You want these cows to have healthy immune systems that were exposed to a wide variety of micro organisms in the grassy pastures. Meanwhile many colostrum supplements are milked from cows that spent their lives inside a building, eating corn and standing in their own feces. Always make sure you are getting grass-fed beef products.

Is Immune Tree Colostrum From Grass-Fed Cows?

Immune Tree colostrum is sourced from cows that are given the freedom to free range out in the pasture. This ensures peak nutrient content of the colostrum as well as a healthy exposure to a wide variety of natural micro organisms. In my research I also discovered that these cows are supplemented with a “superfood” block in addition to being grass-fed.

“Cold Processed” Colostrum Is Also A Must

Many colostrum products are cooked at high temperatures. This is automatically going to lower the quality of the product you are getting. Why? Well both the immune factors and the growth factors are fragile biological compounds that are broken down by heat. To get a potent colostrum, it must to be cold-processed.

Is Immune Tree Colostrum Cold Processed?

Immune tree colostrum undergoes a special and unique dehydrating process where it is spray-dried at under 115 degrees. This 100% preserves ALL of the anti aging compounds that come with colostrum.

Colostrum Should Not Be De-Fatted

Again, many colostrum products try to refine their already low quality colostrum by de-fatting it. Their logic is that any fat is bad for you. This is an ancient mindset that we really need to get over. First of all, your body needs the fats that come in colostrum. As mentioned before, colostrum contains all of the essential fatty acids. These fats are called “essential” because your body does not make them and you would die if you did not get them through your diet. Also, the amount of fat in whole colostrum is so minuscule, it wouldn’t harm you even if fat was bad for you. Most importantly though, is that the immunoglobulins and growth factors are reduced when you de-fat the colostrum. So to you silly colostrum companies, stop refining colostrum! It is for the same reasons that we shouldn’t refine sugar.

Is Immune Tree Colostrum De-Fatted?

Nope! Immune Tree colostrum is harvested “6-hour” and immediately spray dried under 115 degrees. It is as minimally processed as it gets. Again I give Immune Tree an A+ on this score.

What About Lactose Intolerance And Milk Casein Allergies?

For those lactose intolerant, worry not. There are only trace amounts of lactose in colostrum which will be processed by your gut flora. Everyone I have heard from agrees that colostrum will not cause lactose issues.How about casein/milk allergies? Well speaking from great experience (I used to have severe milk/casein allergy) not only is it safe to consume 6-hour colostrum, it just might heal your allergies as it did for me. Now this only applies to true 6-hour colostrum. If the colostrum is not certified 6-hour, it will be watered down with milk and it will cause allergic reactions. This happened with me in the past until I got on only certified 6-hour colostrum. Now, 2 years later, I can beast out on dairy without any toilet firework displays. 🙂

Affordability Issues

If you have read everything up to this point, you are aware that Immune Tree is the highest quality colostrum supplement in the industry. As is always the case, you get what you pay for. So while Immune tree colostrum is not the most affordable supplement on Earth, I do believe it is well worth it. Why? Because of its quality, it is so potent that you could by the smallest Immune Tree colostrum product, take the smallest dosage, and you would still get more health benefits than all the other cooked, watered down and de-fatted colostrum products out there. And you will be doing so afford-ably at that. The smallest portion available costs $29.98 while the most bulk volume container costs $177.98. Again, just a bit on the higher price end but I have seen a thousand other supplements out there that cost many times more and bring much less benefit than Immune Tree colostrum.


A freshly cracked open tub of Immune Tree Colostrum6

Immune Tree Colostrum Quality

Immune Tree Colostrum is all-raw and has been certified to be true 6-hour colostrum by Dr. Don Lein from Cornell University.  It is also an organic product,  exceeding even the most stringent organic standards with no tolerance for hormones, antibiotics or pesticides.   This is verified by a third party laboratory analysis and Immune Tree will provide this documentation free upon request.  Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith breaks it down nicely in this short video:

The cool thing about the Immune Tree store is that they do offer Pineapple Colostrum Lozenges and Strawberry Colostrum Moo Chews, as well as the standard lineup of colostrum powder and capsule supplements.  Having this variety of colostrum products is very nice, and kids especially will love the Strawberry Moo Chews – colostrum for kids.

Immune Tree offers everything from colostrum pills, to colostrum powder in various sizes. They have bulk sizing up to a 1 kilo bucket, but if you are looking for a mega quantity of colostrum, (such as a 2 kilo bag for heavy users), then you will need to slide over to the Surthrival store for that size- which by the way, is sourced from exactly the same high-quality 6-hour colostrum cows.

In summary, this is the highest quality colostrum that I have found in my 5+ years of research and I myself have been consuming this colostrum for all of that time. I have benefited hugely from this supplement, in fact more than any other supplement, and I take gobs of supplements. Colostrum of this quality is really the pinnacle of modern supplements. So click on over to Immune Tree and get that colostrum! Your body will be forever thankful.

Click Here To Purchase Raw, 6-Hr Colostrum From The Official Immune Tree Store


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Jen June 24, 2015 at 7:57 pm

Hi, your review here prompted me to order Colostrum6 from Immune Tree. Great write-up! I am still researching the stuff, and I came across statements that it ought to be in a liposomal delivery system for optimum effectiveness. Wondering what is your take on that?


Jen June 25, 2015 at 3:31 pm

Never mind, I contacted Immune Tree directly and got this answer from Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith: “There is a thing within Certified Colostrum called “Chymosin” and it is what protects the proteins from digestive juices. That is a marketing ploy by many because they don’t tell you that they remove the fat and then spray a man-made artificial fat “Liposomal Delivery” back onto a 24 hour old product!” That certainly answered my question 🙂


florence November 24, 2015 at 9:22 am

Antibodies triggered in response to vaccines and antibodies from dry-lot cattle which haven’t been exposed to the full spectrum of natures pathogens? Dry lot dairy produces better milk than grassfed? Pasteurized? I find it hard to like a product from a provider whos beliefs run so counter to anything natural. Frankly, it is likely the vaccines that trigger the higher immune factor found in US milk/colostrum so I would avoid them entirely, opting for colostrum from unvaccinated grass-fed dairy.

…from the horses mouth so to speak…:


Anders Erichsen January 19, 2017 at 11:30 pm

So that is to say the Cows is not natural grass feed cows….
I thought this was like supreme product above any other….
And Vaccines…. Well…. Sadly don’t sound too natural to me.

I get your points… I would like natural feed cows without vaccines to provide the Colostrum!… *Sigh*


Amelia December 29, 2015 at 12:24 am

I started using Immune tree colostrum after learning from you, it has worked very well for me .I have always been low on energy,what other supplements would you reccomend ?Thank you


admin December 29, 2015 at 12:53 am

Most important thing syncronize your circadean rhythm with the sun, which will balance hormones; check out dr. Jack Kruse for his thoughts on this subject


Josh December 3, 2016 at 6:50 pm

Are you serious? You mean with LD like Sovereign Labs is a treated product? Wow A Eye Opener


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