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by admin on May 14, 2014

Antler Velvet For Regeneration

As a devoted full-time martial artist, fitness trainer, health-wellness strategist and nutritional specialist I am always seeking the best tools to keep me at the top of my field. In my years of research and practice in these fields I have come to find that the name of the game is building and regenerating lean functional tissues throughout the body while simultaneously eliminating un useful, burdening  non lean tissues (fat). This  “master key” technique of “build and burn” has brought me to the top of all of my endeavors, martial arts, fitness training and health-wellness alike.

This article is focused of a tool that is extremely effective at achieved the effect on the body. Before we look closer at this tool, I

best deer antler velvet

Surthrival Elk Antler

want to share a very quick story about how this tool did so much more for me than I could have ever asked.

It was several years ago, I was living the martial arts every day, training hard hours daily. I was grappling in a brazilian jiu jitsu class when in one short moment, it seemed as though my martial arts dreams had been shattered. As my large grappling partner rolled my knee into the mat, SNAP! Everyone in the studio heard my knee cap rip out of place. As my MCL tore, there was my knee cap sitting on the side of my leg. I was broken,  just entering my prime and all I could think was how I will never fight again.

The doctor I saw to get an MRI seemed to agree that with the tear, I should quit jiu jitsu and my knee would never work the same. Quitting what I had worked so hard at was the last thing I wanted. I went home, regrouped, and decided, “If I am going to keep fighting, I must heal.”  This is when I decided to put all my chips in and bet on humanities longest used tissue regenerator, deer antler velvet.  Before I finish the story of my shredded knee, let us look at the facts about velvet extract and briefly learn about why I chose to rely on it.

Elk Antler velvet

As with any substance I put into my body, I never waste time on anything other than the highest quality available. This is because I want the highest quality body and experience available in this life. In today supplement market you will mostly find dirt quality products. BUT, as you are digging through the dirt, occasionally you will find diamonds. Those products that have been created with care and passion by people like us who want to make the best healing substances not just for us, but themselves as well. Before we compare the best from the worst, let us ask the question of elk antler velvet…

Choose from four strengths of antler velvet at the Surthrival store.


Antler velvet is the fresh young living antlers that grow from male elk (or deer) head every year.  Interestingly, these fleshy antler sprouts just happen to be one of the longest used regenerative and hormonally adaptogenic medicines by man. The ancient Chinese were the most advanced culture in terms of seeking health and longevity, the fountain of youth. No surprise that it was they who uncovered antler velvet as a longevity medicine.

best deer antler velvet

Surthrival humanely harvests antler velvet from a free-range farm in Idaho.

What led them to this discovery? Well, in their observation, they noticed that the antler velvet is the only organ that completely regenerates itself in all of the mammalian kingdom. When you cut a limb from a mammal, it does not grow back, but these antlers are different. And because they must regenerate every year, they are loaded with regenerative growth factors. These growth factors are no different than what our own bodies create in limited quantities to regenerate, repair and maintain our own physical selves. The velvet tissues, which can grow several centimeters per day, contain these regenerative factors in quantities much greater than what is found in our own tissues.The ancient Chinese knew that if they could get the velvet antler flesh and turn it into a medicine, they would absorb those regenerative properties to regenerate their own bodies just as the antlers do annually.


Let us take a look at the regenerative chemistry found inside the soft velvety antler tissue.

  •  IGF-1 Superfamily (IGF-1, IGF-2) the final end product of human growth hormone, IGF increases lean body mass. It reduces body fat while stimulating the growth of bone, muscle and nerves. It also assists in glucose metabolism. A decline in IGF-1 is known to cause bone development disorder. Because of its insulin like structure, it functions to cause the body to release stored fat for energy rather than using sugar or glucose. IGF superfamily is the marker for overall growth hormone status.
  • Transforming Growth Factors A and B (TGF-A and TGF-B) Without TGF-A, wound healing would be nearly impossible. TGF-B is also required for wound healing and provides an anti-inflammatory pathway during the healing. For normal tissue growth to occur, TGF must be in a natural matrix of growth factors, like deer antler velvet.
  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is required for healthy tissue growth while importantly preventing abnormal tissue growths. It promotes skin, nerve and lymphatic cell proliferation.
  • Neurotrophin Growth Factor (NGF) works with nerve growth factor to promote neurite and nerve survival and development.
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) there are at least 19 different forms of FGF in antler velvet tissue. FGF is responsible for the development of the skeletal and nervous systems of mammals. It also plays a role in regulating pituitary and ovarian cell function. FGF also induces the growth of new blood vessels.
  • Interleukins are a unique family of cytokines or immune cells. They stimulate humoral and immune response as well as phagocyte response which are immune cells that protect the body by ingesting foreign substances such as harmful particles, bacteria or dying cells. Interleukins have a list of individual activities and functions numbered at 22 and counting.

It is these components that make deer antler extract probably the most valuable anti-aging subtance.

Why is Surthrival Immortal Velvet THE BEST Velvet  Extract on Earth?

Unlike the vast majority of other velvet products you can find, Surthrival Immortal velvet is:

  •  The most potent extract in existence.. A 43:1 extract, by far a more potent extract than you will find ANYWHERE.  This potency is required if you want a powerful and effective healing medicine.
  • Made with organic grape alcohol.. Good luck finding this quality elsewhere.
  • Made only from elk herds free-ranging in the U.S.. Not from the other side of the planet.
  • THE MOST HUMANE harvesting methods.. No slaughtering, no tourniquets, anesthetics or tranquilizers are used on the elk.
  • Bottled only in violet miron glass.. The worlds most UV resistant container material. The worlds most stable bottle to preserve the potency of the best extract known to man.
  • Available in four strengths


Though studies are scarce of antler velvet, I would say that over 2,000 years of satisfied use by humans is convincing. In the 1980’s the soviets tested the effects of velvet antler extract of the top Russian athletes of the times. The observed results were astounding. Not only did the athletes strength and muscle mass increase, their recovery time also simultaneously decreased. The result was record shattering olympic performances by the Russians, putting away their American opponents.

Antler velvet is loaded full of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. Once ingested, glucosamine is converted into glycosaminoglycans which make up healthy cartilage. The presence of sex hormones in deer antler velvet may also cause an increase in testosterone levels in the body, This would be fitting as it has been used as a libido and sexual tonic for thousands of years.

After my knee injury I loaded up on Surthrival’s Immortal Velvet and worked my way up to three times the recommended dosage.

elk-antler-velvetI was additionally mixing it with DMSO (organic solvent that carries substances through the skin, deep into tissues) and applying it topically onto my knee. The results were better than I could have hoped. The physician I saw who seemed to have a grim outlook on the possibility of my knee recovering was proven wrong. In less than two months I was walking, free of any pain. A few weeks later I was training again against that conventional doctors advice. I never stopped taking the Immortal Velvet and my knee is stronger than it was before.


The only thing that may put off some people about Surthrival’s antler velvet extract is the delivery method. The extract is dissolved in alcohol and must be dropped under the tongue where it is held in the mouth for at least 90 seconds. This is because all of the growth factors and hormones are very biologically fragile and will simply be digested if swallowed. Though, when absorbed into the bloodstream straight through the mouth, all of the valuable growth factors remain intact and are delivered via the bloodstream to every cell in your body.

I describe this a drawback because the extract will burn a bit in your mouth as it is absorbed into your bloodstream. I have come to adapt to this and it does not bother me any more but until you get to that point you will have to deal with that slight discomfort. Hey, no pain no gain.

The Morality Issue

There has been a significant amount of controversy surrounding the harvesting of deer or elk antler velvet extract.  Surthrival only works with cruelty-free farms that allow their animals to roam freely.  Only the antler tips are used to make the medicine.  Not only is this the highest quality, but it is also slaughter-free, castration-free, completely cruelty-free.  (Unlike many other antler velvet companies).  Just as we benefit from the abundant and selfless plant life and herbs in our world, we also can use animal products in a humane way.   We can be responsible stewards and exist in a symbiotic and beneficial relationship with other blessed beasts of this world.  We are very thankful for the gift that deer/elk provide us with.

Where To Get It?

As mentioned before I only recommend the highest quality and I will only use cruelty-free products.  You can quickly find dozens of cheap antler sprays but I do not recommend any of these.  And in fact, due to their low quality, actually give the supplement world a bad name. In my years of research I have not found any antler velvet extract of higher quality than at Surthrival.



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