Colostrum For Natural Bodybuilding – Natural Anti-Aging Steroid

by admin on July 1, 2014

What Is It?.. And What Are Colostrum Benefits?

Colostrum is often called “first milk” or “immune milk”. It is the first “milk” that comes from the mammaries of all mammals. In cows, it is produced up to 4 days after birth, at which time it gives way to the cow milk we all know so well. The purpose for colostrum is to develop the immune system and digestive system of the newborn mammal. Without colostrum a calf will die as it has no immune system and limited digestive capability to absorb nutrients and grow. Additionally, colostrum is loaded with growth factors which provides the spark for the young mammal to start packing on lean tissues.

While colostrum is similar to milk, there are indeed many differences. First, milk is produced in the mammary glands as a nutritive. Colostrum is actually produced in the bloodstream where dozens of immune factors, growth factors, anabolic hormones and every essential macronutrient are compiled into natures most dense source of life force. Do take notice that colostrum contains every essential macronutrient. This means that colostrum contains every essential amino acid, every essential fatty acid and even every essential sugar (there are many other sugars besides glucose which keep immune function healthy). Colostrum is one food you would want if you could only live on one food.

colostrum natural bodybuilding steroid

How Does It Work To Build Muscle?

First, it should be mentioned that colostrum powder contains IGF-1 and IGF-2, or insulin like growth factor 1 and 2. When bodybuilders take synthetic human growth hormone (HGH), they are actually benefiting their muscle growth via IGF-1. HGH stimulates production of IGF-1 which is responsible for the bulk of HGH anabolic effects on muscle tissue. Though there is only a small amount of IGF in colostrum, studies have shown that colostrum indeed significantly increases IGF-1 in the body and in greater amounts than the amount consumed through the colostrum itself [1]. In essence, colostrum, when consumed, is greater than the sum of all of its parts. Colostrum is extremely high in protein and lower in fat and total carbohydrate than milk. Orally, it has a 98% absorption rate which is extremely bioavailable, like whey protein. So why is colostrum studied to be more anabolic than whey protein? Aside from the IGF-1 and 2 effects, bovine colostrum contains 87 growth factors. These are compounds that communicate with our cells, telling our body to begin lean tissue growth. All 87 of these growth factors contribute to the stimulation of muscle, connective tissue, skin and bone growth among other tissues in the body.

Use Colostrum For Bulking Or Cutting Fat?

Studies show us that colostrum consumption only stimulates lean tissue growth, which in turn diminishes fat tissue. One study in particular showed that colostrum consumption increased lean tissue body mass more than whey protein when 20 grams each was consumed [2].  It is apparent that whether we are trying to gain weight and muscle, or trying to lean up and cut while even still building lean mass, colostrum will magnify bulking and cutting results.

How To Optimize Bodybuilding Gains From Colostrum 

In studies, the highest lean mass gains come from dosages of 20 to 50 grams of colostrum powder daily. In fact greater dosages show diminished returns. A great example in a study that showed 20 grams of colostrum plus 40 grams of whey protein provided better results in comparison to 60 grams of colostrum alone [3]. With this in mind, we can understand that it is the combination of colostrum growth factors with additional high quality protein that yields the greatest results.

This is why I consume 20-25 grams of colostrum per day along with plenty of high quality protein in the form of grass-fed meat, free range eggs, organ meats, plant protein and gelatin (connective tissue protein). From this I have put on about 20 lbs of lean muscle (went from 140 to 164 lbs) only weight training once per week on average while maintaining 4-7% body-fat which is more than I ever expected as I am by no means a full time bodybuilder. With a more rigorous weight training routine combined with colostrum, I know serious muscle gains can come in a short period of time.

To Achieve “Natural Steroid” GAINZ From Colostrum, Quality and Potency Is Key


Colostrum natural bodybuilding steroid

Whole Pasture Fed Colostrum Powder


You must remember that if your colostrum is low quality, the fragile growth factors will be denatured and you are consuming an expensive protein powder at that point. It is very important to remember, colostrum consumption is effectively downloading a biological anabolic and immune building software program into our body. It is very fragile and must be raw to transfer its growth and immune factors into us. I purchase in bulk from Surthrival (2-kilo) or Immune Tree (1-kilo or less) both of which source the same high quality grass fed, non-temperature denatured, non-defatted whole grass fed colostrum powder harvested within 6 hours of birth (Most other colostrum products are diluted with milk, harvested days after birth). The only processing it undergoes is dehydration under 115 degrees and it is produced by healthy pasture fed cows. Get some now and build your natural                                                                MUSCLE GAINS!

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