How To: Use A Pine Pollen Tincture For Bodybuilding/Testosterone

by admin on July 31, 2014

Pine pollen bodybuilding

Pine Tree Orgasm

In 20 years I believe that every natural bodybuilder worth their salt will be on a pine pollen tincture. In the bodybuilding/testosterone world, pine pollen is catching on quickly but there is still a massive lack of understanding about how to use it properly for serious results.

Since I train hard 6-7 days a week in the martial arts, my body can only handle 1, sometimes 2 weight lifting sessions per week. I often go weeks at a time without lifting due to fight preparation. With that said, I am happy with my muscle mass and I contribute my ability to hold muscle on to my aggressive natural supplementation, which includes a pine pollen tincture.

That is my body there on the right side banner -> That pic was taken over a year ago, I now hold about 10 pounds more muscle with close to the same body fat percentage. While most men want huge muscles, I prefer to stay shredded and decently light.

I have the experience to know that if an natural bodybuilder was to take on my natural supplementation regimen, his or her results would explode. 


Pine Pollen Testosterone Content

pine pollen bodybuilding tincture testosterone

Pine Pollen Harvested From The Wild

Yes, pine pollen contains bio-identical testosterone. In fact, pine pollen contains more bio-identical testosterone than any other plant source ever studied. That is not all, pine pollen contains a whole slew of androgens such as androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and androsterone among others.

You’ll here a lot of experts say that pine pollen doesn’t contain enough testosterone to make a significant difference. I beg to differ. Here is why.

Pine pollen contains about 190 nanograms (ngs) of total testosterone per gram. The average human male contains about 5,000 ngs of free testosterone in his entire body. With these numbers in mind, a simple calculation (190 ng X 26 g = 4,940 ng) tells us that just 26 grams of pine pollen contains about the same amount of testosterone as an entire average male human body. (Free testosterone that is, the body contains more but it is bound and inactive.)

That is less than an ounce of pine pollen. Doesn’t seem like such minuscule amounts now, does it? Now, as a natural bodybuilder, I’m not even trying to double my testosterone levels. With my healthy lifestyle, my testosterone levels are already high so I am only looking for a 20-50% increase. Enough to noticeably increase muscle mass/strength, sex drive and mental drive. Theoretically, I can accomplish that with about 10 or 15 grams of pine pollen, properly administered.

How To Administer Pine Pollen For Testosterone Absorption

I stress properly administered because you can’t just eat pine pollen and raise your testosterone. Your stomach will break down and digest pretty much all of the hormones in the pollen. In bodybuilding, we want more testosterone in our blood, not in our stomach. To absorb the testosterone and other androgens into your blood, you have to bypass digestion. 

The most convenient way to do this is to take a alcohol extract of pine pollen (pine pollen tincture), and let it sit in your mouth. You mouth contains tons of mucous membranes which are extremely permeable to hormones. Hormones will rapidly pass directly into the bloodstream once in the mouth.

Proof of this can be found in an evolutionary study which showed that when a male kisses a female, the testosterone in his saliva is rapidly absorbed into her mucous membranes and into her bloodstream. The result? A horny gal. This is because testosterone increases female libido just as much as it does male libido.

When To Take Pine Pollen Tincture

Your body has a natural spike of testosterone every morning. Now you know what is going on with that morning wood. 🙂 The best time to increase your testosterone through supplementation is when your body is already naturally peaking. This is when your cells are already naturally receptive to your natural testosterone secretion. By boosting testosterone at this time, you are ensuring that your body will vacuum up the extra testosterone for full anabolic results.


When increasing testosterone levels, one must be careful of AROMATIZATION. Aromatization occurs when the enzyme in your body called aromatase, converts your testosterone into oestrogen, which is a very powerful estrogen. This is why steroid users often grow bitch tits. These guys are injecting upwards of 750 mg of testosterone into there bodies which is so many thousands of times higher than natural testosterone levels that there body has no choice other than to aromatize it into estrogen.

So how to we prevent this? With aromatase inhibitors. As a naturalist and a herbalist, I strongly recommend natural aromatase inhibitors. My favorite one is the white button mushroom. White button mushrooms are not only delicious culinary mushrooms, they are also perhaps the most powerful natural aromataze inhibitors. Now, think of the last time you had mushrooms on your pizza, that’s right, pizza mushrooms are white button mushrooms. These are actually the world’s most common culinary mushrooms. Every bodybuilding enthusiast should eat button mushrooms as often as possible. These suckers provide health benefits far beyond testosterone preservation. For convenience, I recommend you find a white button supplement in capsules or make your own extract. I will write my next article on this.

Steroids Shrink Testicles, What About Pine Pollen?

Naturally secreted luteinizing hormone is responsible for communicating to your testicles that it is time to get to work and create testosterone. Luteinizing hormone is created in the pituitary gland when testosterone levels are low. When the testicles create testosterone in response, the pituitary slows down on the luteinizing hormone production. A balance is kept.

Often times in conventional competitive bodybuilding, synthetic testosterone is injected at such high levels that it takes days for the body to metabolize the testosterone. Meanwhile. testosterone levels are so high that luteinizing hormone production is shut down to zero. Once this happens, the testicles shrink up because the body doesn’t need them anymore. Does this same process occur with pine pollen supplementation?

In short, no, it won’t. The reason is that even with the most aggressive pine pollen tincture supplementation, you are only increasing your testosterone levels by 20-50%. This is nowhere close to what it will take to shrink up your dangly bits.

I can attest to this as I have hit the pine pollen tincture damn hard and my nards have not lost a step. In fact, if I weighed them out, I bet they would be heavier than before pine pollen. Why?

Well, when you eat muscle meat, it is well known that your muscles will grow. Your body absorbs the dietary muscle and incorporates itself into your own muscle. It is common sense that you are what you eat. Now remember that pine pollen, anatomically, is a product of pine tree testicles. When you eat testicles, your body will digest and incorporate these nutrients into your own testicles. 

This is the very reason the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have consumed pine pollen for thousands of years as a testicular/sex tonic just as we now consume muscle meat as a muscle tonic.

Drawback Of Pine Pollen Tincture Use

The only negative to consuming a pine pollen tincture is that in order to effectively absorb the androgens, you need to let the alcoholic solution sit under your tongue for at least 90 seconds. This takes a little time and honestly, burns for a few seconds. I got used to it pretty quickly though and I’m sure that you, as a tough bodybuilder, can handle this. The burn aint nothing compared to that last set of squats my man. And think of what good that natural man juice will be doing for you once it reaches your bloodstream.

Conclusion – Where I Source My Pine Pollen From

I hope this article opened your eyes to the potential of pine pollen in bodybuilding as well as helped you to understand how to properly consume and leverage a pine pollen tincture for maximum anabolism, libido and mental drive.

A summary of key-points in this article:

-Pine Pollen DOES contain significant enough quantity of testosterone to influence anabolic and androgenic effects in the body.

-A tincture is the only way to absorb pine pollen androgens into the bloodstream.

-Take your Pine Pollen Tincture in the morning to optimize and leverage your peak anabolic state.

-Take a natural aromatize inhibitor such as the white button mushroom to keep your testosterone from converting into oestrogen.

-Pine Pollen Tincture use won’t shrink your testicles, it will nourish and feed them as a supreme testicle food. Pine pollen is the sustainable, healthy, natural yet effective alternative to anabolic steroids.pine pollen bodybuilding tincture testosterone

These days I try to harvest pine pollen in the spring every year and make my own tinctures. Though I don’t always have my own home-made tincture. When I need to get more I only buy the most potent, high quality pine pollen tincture on the market. Surthrival carries a very potent wild-harvested pine pollen tinctured in organic grape alcohol. I have scoured the market and Daniel Vitalis and his company Surthrival is the definition of a man and a company that run on passion and quality over marketing, which I really love. If you click the link below you can support Daniel’s company by purchasing the highest quality pine pollen on the market. I would also receive a small commission which will motivate me to continue forward creating free quality content with passion.

Click here to purchase pine pollen from the official Surthrival store



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Randy May 20, 2015 at 4:35 pm

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the information.


Frank Robles October 29, 2015 at 4:38 pm

I’ve made my own tincture of pine pollen, with 100 grams of powder and 200 grams of vodka. After staining it how much to I take? Should I take 10- 20 grams a day?


admin October 29, 2015 at 10:24 pm

That sounds like a good moderately strong dosage. You may want to consider taking an aromatase inhibitor such as celery or white button, shiitake or portabello mushrooms.


Frank Robles October 30, 2015 at 12:54 pm

Thanks for reply. That’s amazing about the mushrooms. I’m always looking for a natrual A.I. My thoughts with tincture is that the finished product is about 200 liquid grams. I started with 100 grams of pine pollen, which is 190 nanograms per gram like you said. Is it right to say this is now cut in half. I used everclear which is potent. To get to 4000 + nanograms just has me getting a buzz every morning, 52 liquid grams is almost a whole shot. Any suggestions. If I want to maintain that much. Thanks.


Chris March 27, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Can a nettle root supplement be used instead of white button mushrooms as the aromatase inhibitor?


Keith April 5, 2016 at 11:10 pm

Hello, I am wondering what the best way to cycle the tincture is for bodybuilding?
I’ve read either 5 days on 2 off
Or 4 weeks on 1 off
Like to hear other peoples thoughts.
I don’t want it to loose it’s affects.
Also how many mushrooms do I need to eat for an affective AI?
And I’m assuming they need to be cooked for the nutrients to become available.


Jordan January 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Hey mate, great article. Just wanna know about dosage. I’ve bought some pine pollen tincure, the label says to take 15-drops daily. Do I exceed this for maximum muscle gainz?


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